What Is OneWalmart and How Does It Benefit You?

As an associate at Walmart, you have access to an invaluable resource to help you advance your career and increase your earning potential. OneWalmart is Walmart’s internal employee website that provides you with training, education, and development opportunities to build skills that will set you up for success at the company. Through OneWalmart, you can enroll in courses, work with mentors, and explore career paths to find the right direction for you. Whether you want to move into a leadership role, transition to a new area of the business, or simply strengthen your current position, OneWalmart has the tools and support to help you achieve your goals. With a wealth of resources at your fingertips, you have the chance to take your career to the next level. Discover how OneWalmart can benefit you.

An Introduction to OneWalmart

OneWalmart is Walmart’s associate portal and app that provides you with tools and resources to help simplify your work life. As a Walmart associate, OneWalmart grants you access to critical job information and convenient services right at your fingertips.

View Important Work Documents

Through OneWalmart, you can view key documents like your schedule, pay stub, benefits information, and company news. Your schedule is available up to 3 weeks in advance so you can plan accordingly. Paystubs are accessible for up to 2 years so you have a record of your earnings and can double-check that your pay and deductions are accurate.

Manage Your Profile and Preferences

You can update personal details like your address or phone number, change bank account information for direct deposit, and specify communication preferences to receive company updates via text, email, or print. These options give you control over how and when you receive information from Walmart.

Access Useful Associate Services

OneWalmart also provides access to services that make your job simpler. You can clock in and out, request time off through the Time and Attendance dashboard, view and sign work-related documents electronically, and connect with your facility manager or HR representative through the app’s messaging function if you have any questions or need support.

Overall, OneWalmart aims to empower you with the resources and tools you need to complete your work efficiently. By bringing all critical associate information and services together in one place, OneWalmart makes it easy for you to stay up-to-date and excel in your role. Leveraging the full functionality of OneWalmart will benefit you as an associate and allow you to be the most productive and effective in your position.

How OneWalmart Works: Accessing Pay Stubs, Scheduling, and More

OneWalmart provides you with a single sign-on to access all your Walmart-related information and tools in one place.

To access your pay stubs, work schedule, benefits, and more, simply login to OneWalmart.com with your Walmart Associate ID and password. This secure portal gives you convenient 24/7 access to everything you need regarding your employment.

Viewing Your Pay Stubs

You can view both current and past electronic pay stubs on the Pay Stub page. Your most recent pay stubs will appear at the top of the page. You can also search for specific pay periods if needed. Each pay stub details your gross pay, deductions, net pay, and year-to-date earnings. You can easily print or download PDF versions of your pay stubs as well.

Managing Your Schedule

The My Schedule tool allows you to view your shifts for the current and upcoming weeks. You’ll see details like shift times, job codes, and locations. You can also pick up open shifts or request time off through the Schedule page. When making any schedule changes, be sure to notify your manager as soon as possible.

Accessing Your Benefits

Review and manage your Walmart benefits like medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as options like health savings accounts, life insurance, disability coverage, and more through the Benefits portal. You’ll find details on current plans and coverage, the enrollment process, and how to make any changes during open enrollment periods.

OneWalmart aims to provide associates with a simple, centralized place to stay on top of work-related responsibilities. Be sure to log in regularly to keep your information up to date and take advantage of all the useful features and tools the portal offers. Let your manager know if you have any other questions about using OneWalmart.

The Benefits of Using OneWalmart for Both Associates and Managers

As an associate or manager at Walmart, utilizing OneWalmart provides several benefits to help you excel in your role.

Increased Efficiency

OneWalmart streamlines many routine tasks like checking schedules, requesting time off, and accessing pay stubs. Rather than navigating multiple systems, all of this information is integrated into a single platform. This consolidation of resources reduces the time spent moving between various websites and tools to find what you need.

Improved Communication

The messaging function in OneWalmart facilitates communication between associates and managers. You can quickly send messages to coworkers to ask questions, provide updates, or resolve issues. Managers also have an easy way to disseminate information to their teams. These enhanced lines of communication promote a well-informed, collaborative work environment.

Access to Resources

Helpful resources are readily available on OneWalmart. Standard operating procedures, safety guidelines, and product information can be accessed as needed to properly do your job. Both associates and managers can stay up-to-date with the latest procedures and best practices. Quick links also provide a fast way to navigate to commonly used resources.

Performance Monitoring

Managers can utilize OneWalmart to gain insights into associate performance and productivity. By reviewing time and attendance, sales metrics, and customer feedback, managers get a detailed picture of how their team is operating. They can then determine where more coaching or training may be needed to support associate development. Associates also have greater visibility into their own performance and can work with their manager to set goals for improvement.

In summary, OneWalmart delivers a range of benefits through its streamlined access to information, enhanced communication, abundance of resources, and performance monitoring capabilities. Using the system helps associates and managers become more effective in their roles at Walmart.


With the launch of its new associate platform, OneWalmart aims to empower you with the tools and information to strengthen your connection to the company and build a successful career. By providing a single access point for company news, benefits information, and learning opportunities, OneWalmart puts the power in your hands. You can take advantage of all Walmart has to offer and forge your path to professional growth and advancement. While change can be difficult, OneWalmart represents an investment in you and your future. Embrace this opportunity to shape your career and become an even more valued member of the Walmart team. The possibilities are endless if you make the most of this innovative new platform. Log in, look around, and let OneWalmart help you achieve your full potential.

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